About Taiwan Red Coral

Taiwan Red Coral recognizes red coral carvings as artwork. Until now, these amazing treasures of Taiwan were often seen only as collectibles without recognition of the artists who have spent hundreds of hours carving them. True collectors value not only the size and color of red coral but also the intricate carving and artist’s attention to detail.

There is a story behind every red coral carving and Taiwan Red Coral is dedicated to uncovering and telling these stories. At the same time we are building provenance for the red coral carvings we offer on our site. Natural red coral trees also have their own stories shown so elegantly in their natural form.

Red Coral Taiwan consists of collectors from all over the world with secure and private channels to buy and sell red coral carvings, natural trees and jewelry. Red coral is extremely rare and many of the carvings shown on this site are not for sale. However we encourage our members to continue sharing images of their beautiful works of art with the red coral community who so dearly enjoy admiring these deep sea masterpieces.

For more information please contact info@taiwanredcoral.com

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