Basic Red Coral Information

Types of Precious Coral

Name Scientific Name Location
Aka Coral、Aka Red Coral Corallium Japonicum Taiwan, Japan
Momo Coral、Formosa Coral、Pink Coral Corallium Elatius Taiwan, Japan
Miss Coral、Misu Coral Corallium Secundum Near Midway Atoll
Nanzhi coral Corallium Secundum Near Midway Atoll
Deep Sea Coral Corallium Sp. Near Midway Atoll
Shallow Sea Coral Corallium Secundum Near Midway Atoll
Sardinia Coral、Red Coral Corallium Reburn Southern Europe, North Africa
White Coral Corallium Konojoi The Pacific

Coral Reef vs Precious Coral

Coral Reef Precious Coral
Organism Cnidaria Cnidaria
Symbiosis With Algae Without Algae
Photosynthesis Yes No
Reef-building Yes No
Location Between the latitudes of 25 degrees north and south, water temperature about 20 to 28°Celsius, except cold water coral reef. Only in Taiwan, Japan, near Midway Atoll and some parts of the Mediterranean
Appearance Various Branches
Effects of Death Bleaching Cavity, Fossilization
Color Various colors, caused by the algae living on the coral. Coral skeltons are mostly white and red. Blue coral can be found in the Red Sea. The surface can be dark orange, orange/yellow or yellow in color.
The skeletons can be white, pink, peach or dark red.
Water Depth Grows at depths of 1-20 meters, with a few at 30 to 50 meters and very rarely below 100 meters. Only grows at depths from 110 to 1800 meters.
Usage and Benefits
  • Often thought of as the “rainforests of the sea”, coral reefs are one of the most productive
    ecosystems on Earth. They provide important benefits to mankind, such as fish breeding areas.
  • Used as a building material in coastal areas in ancient times.
  • Used to provide natural reinforcement that stops shoreline erosion.
  • Aesthetic appeal and tourist attraction.
  • In ancient times, red coral was a symbol of wealth, favor and high social status.
  • Precious in the west and as Jade to the Chinese.
  • Used as a precious pigment in Chinese paintings
  • Used in Chinese medicine, and thought to have similar properties as pearl powder.
  • Used as a coloring agent for silk in ancient China
  • A special ceramic glaze
  • Red coral is one of the 7 treasures of Buddhism
  • Used in jewelry and artifacts.
CITES Protection
  • Listed as protected species on CITES.
  • Cannot be exported/traded.
  • Protected in most countries, must not damage, collect or sell.
  • Not listed on CITES, free trade is permitted.
  • Can be exported.
  • Red coral fishing is done in USA, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Yugoslavia, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Vietnam, Japan and Taiwan.
  • Precious coral fishing is regulated in Taiwan. Not allowed within 12 nautical miles, only in the exclusive economic zone.
Coral Farming Coral farming is allowed on some species.

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